Managing Resources In Strategy Games

In the Latera, or sides, you found sacrificial altars and guard houses, as well as store houses for grains and other foods. The Praetentura, which means ‘stretching to the front’, contained the most costly buildings. the hospital, metal and woodwork shops, and the upper echelons of troops. In the rear was the Retentura, which was […]

Roman Strategy Games

And in instances where there is an area of effect attack, being more spread out means fewer precious resources are going to be effected. Whoo! Okay, so it’s a tough question to solve. Maybe Ancient Rome has some insight on the matter. Well, looking at our Pox Romana strategy guide, Copyright year CCC, We see […]

What Makes A Strategy Game?

I have a confession. I’ve never told anyone this. So don’t judge me too harshly but… I think I can trust you guys. So come closer. Closer. Closer WHOA! Too close. Alright, perfect. I SUCK at strategy games. (gasps) I KNOW! I know! I’m ashamed to admit it. Seriously, I may be a smart guy […]

Online Roulette Betting

There are hundreds of online casinos in Ireland. All of them are offering new players casino bonuses, player incentives, free casino cash, etc., but how can you pick one or two online casino from hundreds? That is why, it is very important for any new casino player to first do his research. best way to […]

What is live dealer or live casino?

Live casino is exactly as the name describes.  It is an online casino game but combined with a real person or live dealer, dealing in real time.  It is in affect a hybrid of land based and online casinos. Live dealer works as follows:  A croupier would deal or spin in front of a video camera, the dealers […]

Online Casino Poker

Online poker is an extremely fun and entertaining way to relax, socialize with friends, learn a new skill and most importantly make money. It is very quickly becoming mainstream in all cultures around the world. The explosion of online poker has come hand in hand with the growth in poker popularity. One only has to […]

Online Blackjack Strategy Guide

Online Blackjack strategies on the Internet 21 is a skill game. There is also lots of of good fortune implicated; probing the judgment calls for a single game. However, luck gets spread out equally. Spotting the diversity between inhibiting yourself and going for it is the influential issue in due course. Does the house have […]