Free slot tournaments for all!

  • Live slots tournaments: These as the name suggests are live competitions where players from around the world can compete against each other in real time on online slot machines.  Players can keep track of their positions on the “leaderboard” where you can see your position relative to others in the same slot tournament.  The more you win in the slot tournament the more your “win box” will increase along with your rank on the leaderboard.  So it is easy for you to keep track of how much you would win if your position remained unchanged in the slot tournament.  Players compete for a prize pool or “the pot” which is often of significant value for live slots tournaments.  Such slots tournaments are built into online casino software and one only has to navigate to them from the casino lobby in order to play.

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Some key terms for live slots tournaments:

  • Buy in slot tournament: A slot tournament with a buy in amount is not open to all players for free.  Players will have to buy in to the tournament for a specified amount in order to take part. From 0.1 cents to $500.
  • Freeroll: Freeroll tournaments are free slot tournaments which are open to all and free for anybody to join and compete without paying.  These are often used to reward loyal customers.  There are always free slot tournaments available in top casinos.
  • Rebuy: A rebuy is an amount paid in the slot tournament in order to remain in the same competition by paying a specified fee.  It is like starting over in the tournament or trying again.  However your win box will return to zero.  In affect you are asking for another go. Your position on the “leaderboard” however will remain unchanged.  Thus your best score between all your rebuys will be taken for your final placing when the slot tournament ends.
  • Continue: A continue as the name suggests is an opportunity to build on your current score for a specified fee.  If you choose to continue your winbox will remain unchanged and you will add to your current score.  A continue usually gives you half the play time and half the coins compared to a rebuy but allows you to build a big score to reach the top of the leaderboard.
  • Scheduled slots Tournaments: These are slots tournaments that start at a specific time.  Players are usually notified by email or another form of communication.  Thus these are usually invite only competitions for online casino promotions.
  • Sit ‘n go slots tournaments: These slots tournaments are not by invitation and are open to all.  Play in these tournaments will begin as soon as enough players have joined to cover the prize split of the prize pool.
  • Play Time: Play time is the duration or minutes one can play for. This can be increased by selecting the “continue” option.
  • Tournament Coins: When a player joins the slot tournament he/she will be allocated with a set number of coins when play begins.  They have no value anywhere else but in the tournament.  Everyone will start on the same number of coins.  These coins may be used up before time expires.
  • Leader board: A leader board is a way for player to keep track of their positions in live slots tournaments.  It is essentially a list where each player is currently standing in the slot tournament relative to others. Joe may see that his place is 14th and he needs on reach 10th place to win an extra $2000.
  • Alias: Every person that wants to take part in a slot tournament will need to register an “alias”. An “alias” is a name you have chosen to represent yourself in the tournament. If you don’t have an alias you can easily set one up by following the quick easy steps that appear when you attempt to enter a tournament.  Your “alias” will show up on the “leader board”.