Managing Resources In Strategy Games

In the Latera, or sides, you found sacrificial altars and guard houses, as well as store houses for grains and other foods. The Praetentura, which means ‘stretching to the front’, contained the most costly buildings. the hospital, metal and woodwork shops, and the upper echelons of troops. In the rear was the Retentura, which was a safe-keep for plunder and a prison for hostages and high-ranking enemy captives. In other words, the layout of the Castra ensured the separation of resources. If there was a breach near the Praetentura, sure you might lose a blacksmiths’ forge and a stable, but your storehouse of treasures from past raids would still be safe in the rear of the camp. And the food stores were keep safe along the sides. It’s a lesson that translates perfectly into the world of Total Conquest. By structuring my base in a way that positions my gold stores as far away from my food stores as possible, I ensure no one raid ever completely cleans me out.

I’ve defeated the enemy troop long before they’re able make it to the other side of the map! And again, look at all the top tier players of the game, their bases are set up in a very similar way. And speaking of separation of resources, Rome was fortified SEVEN TIMES! Each time it received a new set of walls to expand the city’s urban limit. In fact, in a trip I made to Rome last year, I remember these walls. They were INTENSE! And despite being built in 500 A.D. they STILL stand today. So not only were resources spatially separated they were also mechanically separated. Walls buy you time. Couple that with strategic watch towers, that pick off enemies as they literally bang their heads against a wall and you have reached, QED. Quite an effective defence. For me I tend to be a resource hoarder. I have a hard time spending, well, ANYTHING in any game honestly. If I have 999 rupees in a Zelda game I’m STILL hesitant about spending TEN on arrows or a new set of bombs. But the thing for me to remember here is that the walls in Rome are still standing today!

Those walls were a long-term investment. The soldiers, aren’t standing today. Meaning that in Total Conquest, I need to budget more funds to walled defenses and less to manpower. So, moral of the story? Separate as much as you can with additional layers of walls. Forget the college fund, THIS is an investment in my future! A good defense is TRULY the best offense. So with all those new additions set up, ‘once more into the breach!’ Oh come on! There’s cyclops in this game?! Oooo-uuuggghh! Okay, so ancient history and strategy only got us so far. In the end, it is still a video game. In a genre that, you know what? I’m feeling a little bit more confident in. Thanks in large part to my peeps Cicero and Caesar. And in the end it just goes to show those who know their history should probably repeat it when playing a mobile strategy game based on a similar ancient period. But hey, that’s just a theory… A GAME THEORY! Thanks for watching! Can I just say how cool it is that we just did a whole video on city planning? From science, to video game lore, to math, to new tech, to urban renewal! That’s what I love about doing this show. Each week it’s something new.

Anyway, welcome back to the: Where last time in a less than shocking turn of events, you selected Minecraft Creeper explosions as an upcoming episode. So expect that to happen, sometime in June! Today, something pretty exciting! I’m gonna be in a video game! The game Pop-up Dungeon successfully raised enough money for their kickstarter and yours truly will be a character! It’s pretty awesome actually. When they reached out to me I was incredibly flattered. So this week, you’re going to help me decide what power I should have. Basically anything’s within limits. So here are two options I had in mind: One, the Barrel Roll which actually shoots a wave of energy out in front of me in a true barrel roll pattern. Or two, the Theorist Fist. A call back to our old video on the Pewds. So those were two options I came up with. Click on the one you like better or, in the comments, write what power you think I should have. Based on your votes and suggestions I’ll come up with a few to actually put in the game. It’s pretty awesome right? This is your chance to actually affect a video game. So I’m really excited. But in the meantime, if you’ll excuse me, I have a Castra to rebuild and a cyclops with my name on it.