The Restrictions with Online Casino Bonuses

As the saying goes the best things in life are free. And certainly one of the best thing that happens to an online casino when they play online casino game is getting free bonuses and more free stuffs and freebies as an additional benefit for playing online casino games.

It is indeed a privilege for someone who plays a game of wager specifically online casino games where they get to claim many additional benefits such as the bonuses offered by online casinos. There are quite several kinds of bonuses offered by online casinos to all their playing clients because they want to keep them happy and satisfied with their online casino experience. This will keep the online casino business reap more profits with many online players wagering at their site.

But compared to what used to be a completely free bonuses offered by online casinos, the many online casino bonuses are now offered with stringent rules applicable prior to claim of the bonus offer. The generosity of online casinos in awarding bonuses to their playing clients was abused by many online casino players who will register multiple accounts in order to claim as many bonuses they can claim. Once they have claimed and used up the online casino bonuses, they will stop playing and will be on prowl for another online casino site to claim for more bonuses again.

Because of the rampant occurrence of bonus abuse, online casinos took steps in preventing online casino players from claiming bonuses and then flee to look for another bonus to claim from other online casino sites. It should be noted that online casinos are spending millions of marketing bonus program. They expect to get something in return from this kind of investment. But they suffer great losses when online casino players only stay in order to claim a bonus and then leave without staying long enough so that online casinos can get something out of their wager in return.

As a way of protecting their business to suffer from losses due to bonus abuse, players are now required to play a number of wagered games before they can cash out or use the bonuses they are entitled to. The term bonus playthrough is common when claiming an online casino bonus. This is the number of times a player needs to play a wagered game in the house in order to avail of the bonus offer. This will keep online casino player stay to meet the number of plays required before they can claim the bonus.

The principle behind the restrictions in claiming online casino bonuses is to identify casino players who are serious on playing in a particular online casino site. Online casino sites are also able to protect their financial institution from bonus abuse and with the assurance that a return of investment can be realized through the required number of games that an online casino player is required to play on their site before they can flee after claiming the online casino bonus.