What Makes A Strategy Game?

I have a confession. I’ve never told anyone this. So don’t judge me too harshly but… I think I can trust you guys. So come closer. Closer. Closer WHOA! Too close. Alright, perfect. I SUCK at strategy games. (gasps) I KNOW! I know! I’m ashamed to admit it. Seriously, I may be a smart guy but for whatever reason they don’t click with me. I mean, just because I didn’t advance to the Nuclear Age first, doesn’t mean I have to lose and hour’s worth of wood farming again Age of Empires! Hey! I’m just trying to erect a granary over here okay?! But I’m also not the type to just admit defeat. Especially when I see mobile strategy games like Clash of Clans being all the rage. And with PRETEENS! Seriously! These kids are like the Rain Men of base building. And I REFUSE to be shown up by Justin Beiber fans who shop at Justice. So it’s time to teach this old dog a new trick. I’m gonna get good at a strategy game. And, in the process, reclaim my gamer pride at https://casinoslots-ie.com/entropay

So first, I gotta pick a game. There are lots of mobile strategy options like this right now. So, after going through the list and trying out a handful, I settled on the game Total Conquest. It felt a bit more mature and I was attracted to the historical themes. Ya know, cause that’s how I roll. It’s all based on Ancient Rome. And even starts with: Caesar has died Great! Right up my alley. THIS shall be my vehicle to claiming victory. Annnd START. Tutorial! Tutorial… Tutorial. ALRIGHT! Battle ready! Let’s go beat some eleven year olds in a game of strategic screen tapping! AAAAGH! (sigh) Okay, that could have gone better. Clearly I need help. BUT! I have a secret weapon in mind that’s sure to make me ‘Sultan of the Swipe’. Research. Since this is a game based on Ancient Rome, what better strategy guide than Ancient Roman military tactics and city planning?

I’m sure there’s…something I can use. Right? Let’s start with the basics. The first, and probably most crucial early decision that I need to make is city layout. Should things be clustered together or spread apart? To me, this is one of the most stressful questions about any strategy game. Because in those first few minutes of playing, this decision can either make you or break you. And CLEARLY there is a value to be had in both options, right? Clustered together means easy resource management, and the ability for defenses like turrets to really protect more of your city. They can even overlap their coverage area. Like a Venn Diagram of DEATH. In other words, more BANG for your BUCK. Or, in the case of Total Conquest, gold crown things the game uses as currency. Spread apart though means enemy troops have to travel from building to building as they destroy your base.